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Who is Kansas Grassroots? We are Engagement Engineers

Kansas Grassroots is full service campaign management and engagement firm dedicated to helping clients build, maintain, and utilize powerful grassroots advocacy networks to create change in public policy. KG staff have over 20 years of experience organizing, mobilizing and engaging people on a wide variety of issues and causes. We believe that engaging everyday people in politics is the essence of a healthy democracy. We know that building effective grassroots networks will make any organization or issue campaign stronger and more viable.

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Jake Lowen is Kansas's leading expert in grassroots organizing for progressive issue campaigns. In 2002, while helping to secure passage of Kansas's first local living wage ordinance in Lawrence, he became acutely aware of the power people have to be able to change their world for the better. He's gone on to organize campaigns to improve neighborhood safety, reform schools, increase the state minimum wage, pass a constitutional amendment to protect the voting rights of Kansans with mental illness, and the statewide clean air act. Since starting Kansas Grassroots, Jake has had the opportunity to work with some amazing clients in the areas of strategic planning, campaign management, capacity building and staff development.

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Mike Gaughan joined Kansas Grassroots in January 2011. Over the last decade he has built an impressive resume of public service. He is currently the County Commissioner in Douglas County's First District and has worked in the offices of Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, Gov. Mark Parkinson and Attorney General Steve Six. As a Special Assistant to both Governors he was part of passing several historic pieces of legislation, culminating with a new 10 year highway plan and a state budget that preserved our schools and critical services for thousands of Kansans. Before his work in the statehouse, Mike served nearly four years as Executive Director of the Kansas Democratic Party, leading Democrats to victories at the statewide, Congressional, and legislative level while focusing on developing grassroots leaders across the state.

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